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Facts: Humane Wildlife Control

Environment: Wildlife pests are generally outdoor animals like squirrels and racoons. These animals can be a nuisance and cause property damage and lose of business among other problems. Wildlife pests may enter the home if the conditions are right, especially squirrels and birds that enter buildings to stay warm and nest during the winter months.

Health/Damage Concerns: These pests can cause property damage to roofs and siding, lawn damage and can lead to business loses and constant cleaning and repair bills.

Home Remedies: The best home remedy for controlling wildlife pests is exclusion; preventing them from getting in inside in the first place. This often means sealing up gaps around pipes indoors and outside, putting mesh over gutters, and sealing up any cracks in the foundation of the building, among other things. This can be a difficult task, but it will be worth-while in preventing unwanted pest entry.

Humane Animal Control: At Paramount Exterminating we strongly believe in HUMANE ANIMAL AND WILDLIFE CONTROL. This means exclusively trapping and releasing animals back into the wild, or finding them a shelter. This is done to protect our furry and feathered friends from harm, as well provide you with peace and comfort. Animal releases are done far away from any populated areas in a state sanctioned release area. We are kind to animals, you should be too!

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