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Facts: Wood Destroying Insects

Pest Entry: Wood destroying insects are often seen inside and outside a home or business causing damage to wood furniture, structural beams, wooden porches, windowsills, ect. They sometimes use these wooden structures as nesting and breeding sights, or as feeding material. These pests can usually be seen during warm seasons like spring and summer, but can also cause problems during the colder months if given the right environmental conditions. These pests can cause damage varying from slight to very severe if left untreated, especially termites.

Environment: These pest generally emerge during the spring and summer months to mate and feed. There activity generally slows down over the winter months.

Reproduction: Most wood destroying insects native to New Jersey mate in the summer months and will overwinter in people homes or businesses.

Damage Concerns: All of these pest can cause damage to wooden structures in one form or another, some with greater severity than others. Termite damage can cost an average homeowner hundreds to thousands of dollars in repairs in left untreated.

Home Remedies:Controlling these pests can be a difficult challenge because many times they go unnoticed until the problem gets out of control. Small holes or damaged wood can indicate the presence of wood destroying insects. Wood dust (called “frass”), is often found near areas that these pests have been working, and are a sign that you may have a problem. The best way to protect you home or business is to keep an eye out for the signs of these pests and contact a professional to take care of the problem, as there are specialized techniques and equipment needed to perform a thorough, and proper treatment.

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