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Facts: Bees and Wasps

Pest Entry: Bees and wasps tend to be an outdoor nuisance in the spring and summer months. Some of these pests form nests in trees and under roof awnings, while some others burrow nests into the ground. The yellow jacket is notorious for ruining out door events during the late summer with their strong liking for sweet and sugary foods during those months.

Environment: Most of these pests are only seen active over the spring and summer months. This is because male reproductives often die off after mating, with the females seeking safe places to overwinter. They thrive in moderate to warm temperatures and can sometimes survive into the early fall if the conditions are right.

Reproduction: These pests generally mate during the summer months, with females overwintering and laying eggs the following spring.

Health/Damage Concerns: Some of these pests can cause damage to lawns and wood furniture, others can cause painful stings and just plain intimidation. It is best to let a professional handle these pests as they may become very aggressive if disturbed. Honey bees are now a protected species and should NOT be destroyed if at all possible. This may mean removing the nest and the bees themselves, and this should ALWAYS be done by a trained professional.

Home Remedies: Nest removal can be a difficult process, and in some cases not recommended. Many of these species are highly beneficial to our ecosystem and their removal may eventually result in upsetting that delicate balance. Even yellow jackets, despite their stigma, are very beneficial. For most of the spring and summer they feed on other insects and are non-aggressive. It is not until late summer that they start to search for sweet foods and become aggressive in their pursuit.

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