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Facts: Food Pests

Pest Entry: Food pests generally gain entry in boxes with stored food. Since most of these pests lay their eggs near these food items for their young to feed on, they usually come in with packages and other deliveries. They can destroy whole crops and contaminate food causing millions of dollars in damage every year.

Environment: These pests often prefer warm temperatures and undisturbed locations. This allows them to feed and reproduce with out being bothered. They can cause large amounts of food to be spoiled as a result, since most people don’t know they even have a problem until its to late. Any food thought to be infested by these pests should be discarded.

Reproduction: Food infesting pests often lay there eggs in or near certain food products like grains or flour. The amount of young produced varies dependent on the species, but unchecked stored food items are certainly a target.

Health/Damage Concerns: These pests cause millions of dollars in damages every year destroying and contaminating food crops across the country. They are less likely to be seen inside of the home, but occasional problems due arise.

Home Remedies: Preventing these pests can be solved by emptying food products into sealed plastic containers. This allows you to inspect the food properly before using it and prevents any chance of pest gaining entry. Also, remove any spilled food products from kitchen and pantry cabinets and vacuum these areas thoroughly.

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