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Facts: Pest Birds

Although it may seem harmless to let birds do as they please, often times these pest birds are causing damage to buildings, losses to surrounding businesses, and health threats to the public. Birds can harbor disease, leave behind corrosive droppings, and even attract mites into your home or business! Their feces is often seen on signs, billboards, awnings, window sills, and can be a major deterrent for potential home-buyers or customers. Their droppings are expensive to clean and can cause staining and even permanent damage to siding, brick, stucco, and other building materials!

Pest bird habits differ with each species, and can vary depending on the season, environment, and migration patterns. When dealing with pest birds, we recommend having a trained professional inspect the area and fully assess the problem. Birds can often be difficult to identify, and without knowledge of their habits, they can be nearly impossible to remove completely. Our trained professionals will determine the species of bird and the best course of action based on that species habits, food sources, and migration patterns.

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