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80 Years of Pest Control Excellence. Protecting What You Care For Most.

SUnion City 1930 - Paramount Exterminating - Pest Controlince 1930, Paramount Exterminating has achieved successful and long-term pest control for New Jersey Homes & Businesses. We are continually improving our methods for controlling and eliminating pest invasions, bringing families and business owners lasting peace of mind from invasive and unhealthy pests.

As a family owned and operated business for over 80 years and 3 generations, we have the most experience of any pest firm in Hudson County. And our professionally trained technician’s and friendly customer service representatives are what make us the most reputable and preferred pest control firm in Northern New Jersey.

We provide residential and commercial pest control for all types of pests, including termites, bed bugs, bees, wasps, rodents, and wildlife. We offer a WIDE-RANGE of pest control, pest prevention, and pest exclusion solutions. Our technicians attend on-going training to provide you with the most updated conventional and GREEN pest control treatments available today.

All of our Pest Technicians are certified as Commercial Applicators by the NJ Department of Environmental Protection, and provide top-notch customer care to protect your family and business.


What Our Customers Have To Say…

As a Director of college housing I can vouch for this company’s work ethic and quality. Always professional, friendly to my staff and students, and detailed in their work when it comes to extermination and preventative measures. Fantastic company and I emphatically recommend them.

D.Surratt - Director of College Housing


I have had an ant problem for two consecutive years. The first company that treated the problem never got rid of them. They would treat and a week later the ants would return. I decided to call this company for a second opinion. I was amazed on the inspector’s knowledge. He explained in detail what my problem was, where it was coming from. I asked a hundred questions and he answered them all and they all made perfect sense. The treatment was performed and have not seen any more ants. They have great guarantee options. Thank you, Paramount!

N.Ereidamail - Satified Customer


Always answered my call, very polite and helpful.

Guest52972 - Satisfied Customer


Thank you Paramount Extermination! You guys are the BEST! From TJ

Guest65170 - Satisfied Customer

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