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Facts: Flies

Pest Entry: Flies will often enter through open windows and doors during the summer months, but can enter through any small crack or entry way into the home because of their small size.

Environment: For the most part, flies prefer to live in areas with poor sanitation and/or rotting food, like garbage areas. They will often feed on garbage and lay their eggs on rotting food. They will however make their way indoors to search for food, and can even live and breed inside of the home.

Reproduction: The life span of a fly generally varies from one week to two months depending on the species and its environment. Flies will often lay their eggs on decaying material so their hatchlings can use it for food. The amount of eggs laid by a female is dependent on the species, but many lay around 75 to 100 eggs per batch, with multiple batches.

Health/Damage Concerns: Flies are known to spread disease rapidly due to their preference for filth and decaying material. They will often land on rotting garbage, and then quickly land on human food without anyone knowing. The microorganisms that they carry can cause every thing from Salmonella and dysentery, to tuberculosis and hepatitis.

Home Remedies: The most crucial step in controlling these pests is proper sanitation. Flies are generally attracted to the strong odors of filth or decaying material, and are usually eliminated by removing whatever it is they are attracted to. A sudden rise in fly activity in a sanitary location is usually the sign that decaying material is near by.

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