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Paramount Exterminating has faithfully served New Jersey residents for over 80 years, providing high quality service and unmatched customer care. Our customers are our number one priority and they have shown their appreciation by giving us our great reputation. We believe that what makes a Pest Management company great is not only its effectiveness, but also its reliability and friendly service. Maybe that’s why New Jersey residents have been trusting Paramount Exterminating to get rid of pests for nearly a century.

Why choose Paramount Exterminating?

  • Unparalleled customer service.
  • Experience in More Pest Sensitive Categories
  • No Long-Term Commitment Is Required
  • We Keep Our Customers with Our Services, NOT Our Contracts!
  • Customer tailored pest management services to solve any pest issue.

Integrated Pest Management:

We evaluate the true extent of the infestation and customize a treatment plan for your specific needs. We never recommend treating areas unless there is a potential threat, so random application of pesticides is avoided. Find out more about Integrated Pest Management.

Non-Chemical Monitoring:

We place non-chemical pest monitors in pest prone locations throughout your home to help pinpoint the areas that are most vulnerable to pest entry and/or infestation.

Carefully Targeted Application:

We emphasize thorough inspections, since a responsible pest management program can’t be developed without determining exactly what and where the pest problem is.

Seasonal Prevention Measures:

We apply protective barrier to the outside of your home to keep out pest invaders, and our Pest Management Inspection Report helps you protect your home by pointing out any conditions that could lead to infestation.

All-Season Pest Protection:

For a more comprehensive approach all year long, Paramount also provides an All-Season Pest Protection, which ensures your home and family are protected, year-round, from a wide variety of new pests that your home can encounter with each new season. In either case, your complete satisfaction is Paramount’s ultimate goal.

Pests We Treat For:

  •  Wood Infesting Insects
  • Cockroaches
  • Ants
  • Over-Wintering Insects
  • Biting Insects
  • Stinging Insects
  • Skin irritating Insects
  • Food Infesting Insects
  • Occasional Invaders
  • Rodent Control
  • Humane Feral Animal Control
  • Trapping & Exclusions
  • Humane Bird Control
  • Deterrents & Exclusions,
  • Interior and/or Exterior Preventative Maintenance Programs
  • Construction Site Rodent Control Programs
  • Pre-Demolition Pest Services
  • Real Estate W.D.I. (Wood Destroying Insect) Inspections
  • Health Department Complaints
  • And MUCH, MORE!

Paramount also provides a WIDE-RANGE of structural pest services.

Free Consultation

With a free consultation from one of our experienced professionals, you learn about all of the benefits of Paramount’s services. We will work with you to design a specialized IPM program specific to your needs! Call or click for a free consultation.

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