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Hoboken Pest Control Services

Hoboken is a beautiful part of Hudson County located right on the water front. With majestic views of Manhattan, green parks, and cobblestone side streets, Hoboken is an area thriving with activity. But underneath the streets there is pest activity as well. Hoboken’s close proximity to the water, low lying geography, and dense population make is extremely susceptible to pests of all kinds. It is also home to one of the country’s oldest sewer and road systems, and is a hub for commuters traveling back and forth from Manhattan. This makes it a perfect location for pests of all varieties to inhabit. Residents of Hoboken are susceptible to a wide variety of pests including mice, rats, cockroaches, mosquitos, bed bugs, ect.  Paramount Exterminating has been providing Hoboken residents and businesses with the highest quality pest control services for nearly a century. Get A FREE Estimate Today!


Hoboken Termite Control Services

Termites are also a concern for Hoboken residents and business owners. Studies are finding that urban and suburban areas are just as susceptible to termite damage as rural areas, if not more so. And with property values increasing, so are the costs of repairs and damage remediation expenses. Paramount Exterminating has been providing Hoboken, New Jersey residents and businesses with the highest quality pest control services for nearly a century. And with our optional lifetime guarantee you can stay protected for the long run. Get A FREE Estimate Today!


Hoboken Bed Bug Control Services

Now more than ever, densely populated cities like Hoboken are being inundated with Bed Bugs. With their ability to travel inside of people’s clothing and belongings, these pests have been able to spread at an incredibly rapid rate and have become a major concern for Hoboken residents. As a “travel hub” for people going in and out of New York City, residents and visitors of Hoboken are at an even greater risk of taking one of these pests home with them. Paramount Exterminating has been treating Bed Bugs in Hoboken for over 80 years and has grown to be one of the most trusted names in bed bug removal and treatment. We provide high quality, discreet bed bug removal services to residents and businesses in the Hoboken area. Get A FREE Estimate Today!


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