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Making multi-family pest management simple and effective.

Pest management in multi-family properties can present unique challenges, luckily Paramount is here to help. Having reliable pest control is fundamental to creating a healthy and happy living environment for residents. Keep your residents at ease, and have peace of mind knowing that your in good hands.

Far more than “run of the mill” pest management.

When you call Paramount for your next pest control service, your getting a company that has been serving your industry for over 80 years. Beyond providing quality service, we go the extra mile to provide:

    •  A customized IPM (Integrated Pest Management) plan designed to fit your unique needs.
    •  Thorough on-site documentation of treatments and pest sightings that keep you aware and in the know at all times.
    •  Educational resources for tenants and staff on how to prevent pests year round.
    •  Communication with management and staff onsite during each regular service to point out problem areas and structural deficiencies that can go unnoticed.
    •  Excellent customer service & Emergency Response Services.


Your Paramount Professional is trained to go beyond the call of duty, providing the highest level of customer service. All of our inspections and services are all well documented, keeping you aware of issues arising on your property as they happen. And our Professionals are trained to spot potential problems before they occur, keeping your occupants protected year round with pest management techniques that are safe and effective, fixing the problem at its source.

An effective pest management plan is crucial in gaining the upper-hand against pests, but it greatly relies on the cooperation of both residents and staff. We work to educate you and your staff on how to prevent pest problems from occurring, while providing educational resources for you to share with your occupants and staff. And our team members always strive to make residents feel as comfortable and reassured as possible, keeping families feeling safe and truly cared for.

Our pest professionals know that constant communication with management and staff is fundamental in creating a complete pest management plan. Our professionals communicate with management and staff onsite to point out problem areas and structural deficiencies that can go unnoticed. And we pride ourselves in providing customer service and quick response that cannot be matched by our competitors.

For Over 80 Years…

Paramount has worked in your industry, providing care and expertise that exceeds expectations. That is the kind of care you can expect with a family owned company that has faithfully served NJ businesses and residents for over 80 years. We set the highest standards when it comes to providing customer care and quality service, so you’ll know your getting the best protection and the best value.

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We have been providing pest management solutions for property management companies for over 80 years. Trust a company with the experience and knowledge to get the job done right.

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With a free consultation from one of our experienced professionals, you learn about all of the benefits of Paramount’s services. We will work with you to design a specialized IPM program specific to your needs! Call or click for a free consultation.

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