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Facts: Cockroaches

Pest Entry: Cockroaches can enter your home in a variety of ways including outside cracks and crevices, pipes that enter the home, vents and sewer lines. They also gain entry when carried in on boxes, grocery bags and other items that get brought into the home. They can even be brought in a person’s clothing.

Environment: Cockroaches need warmth, food and water to survive, making your home is an ideal location to cockroaches to live and reproduce. They generally prefer tight hidden places that offer protection like small cracks and crevice. They are scavengers that will eat almost anything and require little water to survive, keeping them active all year long. Generally found in kitchens, bathrooms, basements and areas where water is available.

Reproduction: Cockroaches can reproduce very quickly and in large numbers. This makes them a serious threat and difficult to treat using over-the-counter products.

Sightings: If you’ve seen one cockroach, chances are there are more that you haven’t seen. Since they are nocturnal pests, people often see them at night when turning on kitchen and bathroom lights and they quickly scatter. Cockroaches seen during the day may indicate an infestation, as they were like forced out by overcrowding.

Heath Concerns: Cockroaches have been known to host a variety of pathogens and diseases and dust from their droppings and skin casts have been known to cause allergic reactions in children and adults.

Home Remedies: Cockroaches are a constant threat and unfortunately, most over-the-counter products simply won’t work. This is because their eggs remain unaffected by over the counter products, only destroying the adult population. Once those eggs hatch, the problem starts all over again. It requires special tools, training and expertise to fully eliminate these pests.

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